Owners: How does it work?

Click on the Login / Register button to log in. If you don't have an account then please register for a new one by clicking on Create Account.
Fill the form with your information and then press the Create Account button. Now you will be able to log into your account with your email address and password.
Please note that you must be a direct owner and not a real estate agent, otherwise the account will be erased.

In order to add a new property you have to be logged into your account.
Please log into your account, then from My Properties tab click on the button Add a new property. A new page with a form will open.

Important: For luxuryfromowners.com to accept listing your luxury property, you need to provide enough visuals:

  • All the required information about the property
  • A minimum of 10 good quality photos
  • A video and/or 360 tour and/or a drone shooting

You don’t have to be worried if you don't have all the required information or visuals right now. It is possible to start filling information, to save and to continue later.

Not enough visuals?
If needed we can help you, we have agreements with professionals who can provide you with those visuals at a bargain price (check pricing page).

Fill the form and pay attention to required fields. Fields with errors or not completed have a red border. Please correct them and then save the form again.

If you don’t have enough information for all the required fields just save the form with the information you already completed and come back later. In your account you will find (under My Properties tab) a list with all the properties. By pressing the Edit button you could continue filling the form anytime later for any of your properties.

What is a property page? Please find an example here: (Villa La Perla Blanca)

In order to start creating your property page you should have passed the Step 2: Register your property. If you have provided us all the information required about your property then we will start to create your property page. We might have to contact you, by email or by phone, in case we have supplementary questions or in case you asked our help for visuals (videos, 360 tours or photos).

The process or preparing your property page could take less than 24 working hours in case you provide us all the visuals and info needed.
Once the property page is done you will be informed by email and we will provide you the link to that page. You will be able to access the property page from your account by clicking on the View button in My Properties section.

Please note that we are not asking for any payment before having your property page online and available for all visitors.
In specific cases when additional visuals are required you may have to pay directly the providers you chose to work with (photographers, video producers etc).

After the creation of your property page we will send you the link to where the property can be seen. The page can be accessed from your account in My Properties section by clicking on the View button.

After you have received the email you will have 7 days to order one of the packages (e.g. Register your property + 365 days online) and to make the payment. Please find the full list of prices here: price list.

The payment could be done from your account, in section My Properties, by clicking on the PAY button and following the instructions. Please note the PAY button will be available only when the property becomes public and not before.

After the process of the payment you will receive an invoice to your email address.

If you have a property page online you can extend anytime the period of visibility by ordering one of our packages: (Property online 90 days, Property online 180 days or Property online 365 days). Please find the full list of prices here: price list.

From your account, My Properties section, click on the PAY button and choose the package you want. Follow the instructions in order to make the payment. After the process of the payment you will receive an invoice to your email address.

We at luxuryfromowners.com want to keep high standards on our platform so that visitors are guaranteed to have an extensive comprehension of the properties enlisted, and so that properties listed on luxuryfromowners.com have more chances to be sold.

Bellow you can find a list with links to different types of visuals:

  • All the required information about the property (basic information, descriptions, price, location, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, built area, plot area etc..)
  • A minimum of 10 good quality photos (at least 1280px wide and bigger than 50kb)
  • A video and/or 360 tour and/or a drone shooting

If you want to present your property page to a potential buyer or to share it with others then click on the sharing buttons at the top of the page. You can share it on Facebook, Twitter or send it by WhatsApp. On mobiles these icons are in the top right menu.

A complete list of prices can be found here: price list. For sellers with more than 5 properties we have discounts proportional with the number of properties and type of chosen services. Please contact us by phone or email for a personalized offer.

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