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The Unique Website in Marbella

connecting directly only Owners and only Buyers

  • We are a portal and not a real estate agency
  • We have zero commission when selling / buying
  • We focus on strong visuals
  • We help you with visuals
  • We offer you strong visibility

Agencies are not authorized to list properties on our website.

Zero Commission

How is it that possible?

We do not have commissions as we are not a real estate agency.

We have a complete different business model, where owners pay just a small quarterly or yearly fee.

Free for one year

Today we offer you the possibility to have your property on for free, for one year, with no commitment whatsoever after that year.

This is a limited time offer !

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We have 0% commission

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You save with us:
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Strong visuals

On Luxury from Owners are listed only properties with visuals that allow
a full understanding of the property

We require at least a whole comprehensive video or a virtual guided tour and floor plans

Example of visuals:

Buyers know that

  • Every single property will be fully understandable
  • They can visit properties from their sofa
  • They will save time and money by avoiding unnecessary flights and visits
  • They can identify quickly the properties they are really interested in

We HELP you with Visuals

We offer you today the possibility
to have for your property:

free virtual guided tour and free floor plans

This is a limited time offer. There is no catch.
Don’t miss this opportunity!

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Virtual guided tour ?

We use Matterport equipments and software, the most advanced technique today on the market, to create the best 360 degrees virtual guided tours.
We create professionals guided tours for a perfect understanding of the property, not just only slideshows as others do.

example of a virtual guided tour

Strong visibility

We work with the best marketing specialists for our marketing campaigns

We invest a significant budget in advertising

Find us on:

Be part of this community and get more visibility for your property

We run multiple campaigns on Google Ads in over 50 different countries.

We are focused on the most important countries where the buyers come from:

  • Scandinavian countries
  • Germany
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Russia

On request we could create a dedicated Google Ads campaign for you property

Luxury from Owners tomorrow

We already count:


total value of the properties for sale

We will reach 300 properties by end of Summer 2021.

Keeping the same high visual standards.

List your property now on

Maximize your chances to sell your property
Get this opportunity now, it is a limited time offer
No paying commitment whatever, whenever!

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